Digna IT Oy is one of the most promising new software companies in Finland. With our products the companies will be easily able to take care of their customers’ payments and debts soon after invoicing. Our systems are based on ”cloud” computing, and due to that the company doesn’t have to invest on computers, licenses, maintenance etc.

Collecting companies achieve remarkable tens of percents business profits. By means of Digna Payment Services the organizations are able to control the payments and collect the debts profitably and with respect for their customer relationships at the same time.

The most important item of every business is a customer. Interactions with the customer define the value of the company. On the interaction situations – also during the payment controlling and debt collecting – it is the intention of the company to create the base for extra sales. With Digna Payment Services the company itself is in charge of it’s own customer relations.

On Payment Services there have happened and will happen remarkable modifications in EU area. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) will standardize the payment transactions and e-invoicing will become more common also everywhere else but Finland. The new national law based on the Directive 2011/7/EU of late payment and debt collection is to be passed in every Member State of EU by March 2013. This development will significantly enlarge the market area of Digna. It is our goal to restructure the debt collection business.